Imagine that you have a calling to start a Bible study. You spend time researching study guides and planning a schedule that works well for everyone. Figuring out exactly where your group will meet isn’t even a concern—your church likely has plenty of available rooms to choose from. Many Asian believers are only now discovering the joy of having a church building where they can regularly meet and worship.

Hundreds more are still praying for such a place of sanctuary. Although, a growing congregation is a reason for rejoicing, it can also mark the beginning of serious problems and persecution, especially if the believers have to crowd into small homes or rented buildings. A new church building, however, is a rock of stability for believers and a beacon of hope for the unreached. These churches become like the city on a hill that Jesus talked about in Matthew 5:14, giving light in the midst of the Enemy’s darkness.

The gift of a church building represents more than a convenient place to meet. It is a center for loving fellowship and a launch pad for sharing Christ’s love with the community!